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For HBA, architecture is more than just a drawing or a set of plans. It’s about developing a connection with our clients and encouraging a collaborative working environment, which allows us to create for you a positive experience that brings your vision to life.



An important part of our process is connecting with our clients and the community. When you choose HBA, you choose a teammate. The relationships we build are valuable, both with our clients and our consultants. We are not just watching out for the next big project, we are prepared to be your partner.

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Collaboration is our way of life. We collaborate with our clients, our consultants, and with each other. HBA makes it a priority to involve the client and all team members in the development of a project. Our open-office studio lends itself to a highly collaborative environment, which leads to optimum creativity.

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​HBA doesn’t just give you a project; we design to meet and exceed your expectations. We are creative, innovative and well-connected in a way that allows us to capture your vision and make it a reality. We care about your goals, and we are here to help you reach them.