MUD Corporate Offices Interior

Corporate Office

Omaha, NE

This interior renovation involved updating 91,590 s.f. on three floors of an existing building. Some of the critical driving factors for the design included transparency through open space and use of glass, access to natural light, circulation and wayfinding, and collaboration zones.

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Project Summary

Services Provided
  • Architectural
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Finishes selected created a sophisticated look while carefully placing color
  • Glass elements were added to lobby areas and throughout
  • A separate lounge area within the dining area gives employees variety and a fun place to relax during their lunch break
  • Natural light fills the space where everyone has access to the windows and views around each floor
  • Open office workstation layouts are broken into departments and incorporate various lounge and collaboration areas in between
  • Each floor includes an open breakroom area to connects departments on each side of the building
  • Meeting spaces on each floor include a large conference room, small conference rooms, and private offices along the perimeter have glass fronts to allow the natural light through