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Work-Life | Get to know Joah Bussert

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Joah Bussert

Get to Know Joah Bussert!

Joah is an architect that appreciates seeing people interact in a space he designed. From observing these interactions, he gains perspective to move forward to the next challenge. He views the process of planning, design, and construction like a puzzle. At first, the pieces seem separate, but he enjoys putting them together in a meaningful way to create beautiful and functional buildings and environments.

Roller Coasters and Skyscrapers

Early on, Joah had a strong interest in roller coaster design and would follow the announcements and construction of new rides around the country on early-internet forums. Growing up in Chicago’s suburbs, it was hard for Joah to ignore the skyscrapers and the city when he would visit downtown. He was also able to see many of Frank Lloyd Wright’s projects in the area. After an eye opening lesson on roller coaster design in a physics class in high school, Joah decided, with some encouragement from his mom, that architecture was the right fit for his passion and skills.

It is rewarding to see a project open after years of planning, design, and construction. All the hard work pays off when those doors open, and you get to see clients and others interact and use the space we designed.

Favorite Project

Glacier Bay Landing - Henry Doorly ZooJoah has several favorite projects, but one that was especially memorable for him was the Glacier Bay Landing at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. It was exciting for him to design a project for a world-renowned client, while working with a team full of great ideas and lots of energy. The entire team cared about creating a great experience for all their visitors, down to every last detail, and it was fun for him to contribute to that.