Our People

Curt Witzenburg

Curt Witzenburg, AIA, LEED AP BD+C


Curt is a Principal at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 1998. As a design leader, he provides guidance and oversight to the team while ensuring every client's expectations rise above and beyond the standard approach. With experience in master planning, programming, design development, and project management, Curt thoroughly executes and manages multiple teams through every project phase, specializing in various project sectors including healthcare, higher education, workplace, and mixed-use developments. In addition to his diverse expertise, he brings a strategic approach to each project, utilizing research and data-driven metrics. These attributes allow Curt to intermix the needs of the client into a cohesive whole, which meets both the short- and long-term operational requirements of a design.
Kurt Cisar

Kurt Cisar, AIA, LEED AP


Kurt is a Principal at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 2005. An Omaha native, he is active in the community and believes in the importance of building relationships and connecting with clients and their needs. It is Kurt's goal with each project to make sure that the final design emerges from a well-executed strategy. As a leader in design and master planning initiatives, Kurt brings his blended project experience to guide each project team towards a unified vision. His vast knowledge and expertise in evolving trends lead the team to create vibrant and one-of-a-kind facilities for every client. His devotion to functional and dynamic architecture is carried through the original concept and vision to lasting relationships long after the project is complete.
Tom Zuk, AIA



Tom is a Principal at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 1996. Throughout his career at HBA, his involvement in various projects have helped shape the growth and development of the Omaha community. With several years of experience in K-12, higher education, retail, mixed-use developments, pharmaceutical, and biotech, Tom deeply values the ongoing relationships he has formed with every client. Assisting with the coordination and communication of the entire team throughout all phases of a project, he is a loyal and dedicated partner to his clients, ensuring each project is completed on time and within budget. Tom will remain a constant member of the team, providing input and expertise to drive the project process forward to a successful outcome.
Tim Holland

Tim Holland, AIA, LEED AP

Founding Principal

Tim is a Founding Principal at Holland Basham Architects. For the past 30 years, his responsibilities include facility programming, master planning, design, and project management. Tim has developed extensive experience designing corporate office spaces, education, mixed-use developments, and multi-family housing. His commitment to design excellence, combined with a strong emphasis on coordination and project administration, leads to responsive solutions for every client's needs.
J. Keith Basham, AIA

J. Keith Basham, AIA, LEED AP

Founding Principal

Keith is a Founding Principal at Holland Basham Architects. He possesses a vast array of experience in project programming, master planning, design and project management of healthcare facilities, corporate office spaces, and industrial facilities. These attributes allow Keith to synthesize the needs of the client into a cohesive whole, which respond to both the short and long term operational needs of the client.
Brian Akert

Brian Akert, AIA

Associate Partner

As an Associate Partner at Holland Basham Architects, Brian is a leader in design and project management. His expertise includes conceptual site plans, site planning, master planning, local code requirements, and zoning. Brian has provided designs for several different market sectors, such as higher education, workplace, mixed-use developments, and community spaces. With a wide range of skills in planning, management, and design, he has a firm grasp on each phase of a project, ensuring success in capturing the client's vision. Brian is passionate about building relationships with our clients to make a more significant impact and contribution to the community.
Brandon Beatty, AIA

Brandon Beatty, AIA

With a background in residential and hospitality projects, Brandon talent and experience provide a strong foundation for understanding the technical and design fundamentals required for several types of projects, especially multi-family housing and mixed-use developments. Brandon's interest in computers and technology enables him to be an adaptive and innovative problem solver, utilizing the latest tools to help clients visualize their projects. His detail-oriented and thoughtful approach provides our team and clients with positive working experiences.
Thomas Berry

Thomas Berry, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Office Leader

Thomas is a Senior Associate and has been with the firm since 2013. As Office Leader, his consistent commitment to clients, thorough communication, and successful project outcomes define his dedication to forging success for Holland Basham Architects Denver. His strategic project management expertise allows each project to flow smoothly from concept to completion. Thomas's ability to facilitate each project with the client's vision as the driving force, while staying on schedule and maintaining the budget, has made him a trusted partner in lasting relationships throughout the Denver market. With experience in various project sectors, including education, corporate office space, retail and hospitality, prototype design, and healthcare, Thomas understands the intricate details and sensitivity of each project. Driven and determined, he leads the team at Holland Basham Architects Denver with a commitment to the betterment of the community for every client.
Kristina Blatchford

Kristina Blatchford

Associate, Accounting Manager

As an Accounting Manager, Kristina is dedicated to the people of Holland Basham Architects, motivated by everyday challenges, and driven by efficiency. Outside of work, she loves camping and playing cards and board games. She and her husband homeschooled their children – an impressive fact and a rewarding experience.
Kate Brashear

Kate Brashear

When intern Kate Brashear isn’t busy getting first-hand experience on projects and supporting our architects with her growing skillset, she loves spending time with her friends and her dog, Biscuit.
Joah Bussert

Joah Bussert, Associate AIA


Joah joined Holland Basham Architects in 2015. He is passionate about improving the community through good design for today and the future, and he believes in working through a team-based approach focused on collaboration and consistent communication. Joah practices continual research to stay on top of current trends, as he approaches each project with creativity and flexibility to bring our clients' visions to reality. He has mastered an information-based approach to programming and design by developing a proprietary tool to understand current marketplace trends to inform the conceptual design process, resulting in functional and beautiful outcomes. Joah brings thoughtful and detail-oriented skills to the team, using excellent analytical skills to design extraordinary and innovative solutions.
A.J. Campbell

AJ Campbell, Associate AIA


AJ brings extraordinary technical competency and a passion for historic renovation projects. He brings a variety skills to Holland Basham Architects, including coordination of historic tax credits, construction documentation, and project management. He has experience across several sectors, including multi-family housing, historic rehabilitation, education, athletic facility improvements, office expansion, parking garages, and data centers. AJ enjoys collaborating with the rest of the office, our consultants, and clients. His positive outlook and attention to detail make him an integral member of the team.
Paul Concannon

Paul Concannon, AIA

Paul is an architect with over 36 years of architectural experience. Throughout his career, he has worked on over 400 projects in various sectors, including healthcare, workplace, education, government, civic, historical, religious, and multi-family housing. Paul's experience ranges from schematic and design development to production and oversight of construction documents, bidding coordination, and construction administration. Through thoughtful analysis of a building's design, he enjoys coordinating with the project team, offering valuable insight from a depth of experience. Paul excels at working through the details of a project to ensure that the client's vision becomes a building and a space that is functional, timeless, and improves the community.
Warren Curry, AIA

Warren Curry, AIA

Warren, an architect and key member of the Innovation Team at Holland Basham Architects, brings a friendly and knowledgeable approach to every project. As a Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) expert, he provides a technological edge that increases efficiency for our team and consultants. Warren's ability to demonstrate researched methods of technology in architecture, combined with his enthusiasm, significantly enhances the experience of the design process for every client. Through his assistance in leading technological advancements at Holland Basham Architects, our clients enjoy Virtual Reality visualization for accurate decision-making, resulting in positive impacts on the project schedule and budget. Warren is a dedicated team member who focuses on consistent communication and flexibility with the use of technology.
Ally Dohse, Associate IIDA

Ally Dohse, Associate IIDA

Ally's approach to every interior design project begins with learning about the client by listening to their needs and wants. She uses her strong problem-solving skills to transform the goals of the project into beautiful and functional interior environments. Ally's technical knowledge ensures the materials in her designs are long-lasting and practical for maintenance. Her project sector experience includes higher-education, workplace, and multi-family housing. Ally's dedication to interior design is reflected in her commitment to professional development as she is working towards completing her NCIDQ Certification and is an active professional representative in the design community.
Michael Eckmann

Mike Eckmann, AIA

Associate Partner

Mike is an Associate Partner at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 2008. He takes pride in "getting it right" for the client and looks forward to the moment on each project when a client walks through their space and realizes it meets their needs and goals. Driven by a proven process and always thorough in the details, Mike understands that each small task is a step towards accomplishing the overall best outcome for the client. Thoughtful and analytical, Mike knows that the coordination effort is critical to keep a team of designers, consultants, and contractors working towards the same end goal. He continually looks for opportunities to problem-solve, getting the right pieces of information to the correct team member on time to keep everyone on track to exceed the client's expectations.
Zac Fredrickson

Zac Fredrickson, AIA, LEED AP

Associate Partner

Zac is an Associate Partner with Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 2007. With superior project management skills, Zac provides oversight of detailed and precise construction documents and thorough and consistent communication during construction administration. He works alongside the design team, consultants, and general contractors to lead large-scale corporate, higher education, and mixed-use developments. Zac oversees all techniques, materials, equipment, on-site personnel, and code compliance throughout a project. He also uses his depth of knowledge to review all shop drawings and specifications for quality control. He brings his considerable understanding of architecture and construction to regular site inspections to ensure all work is being executed safely, on schedule, and within budget.
Sean Gibbons

Sean Gibbons, AIA


Sean's goal with every project is to design spaces that improve the human experience. He operates on the belief that good architecture should be accessible to all. With the completion of over 150 projects in retail and hospitality, his specialized knowledge provides a foundation for his expanded experience in various project types at Holland Basham Architects. Sean's methodical nature and technical background enable him to be an analytical thinker and quick problem-solver. Sean is thoughtful, experienced, and dedicated with the ability to manage all phases of a project, making him a valuable team member and leader within the firm.
Gary Greckel, Assoc. AIA

Gary Greckel, Associate AIA, LEED AP

Shareholder, Director of Quality

Gary is a talented and knowledgeable architect with several years of experience at Holland Basham Architects. Over the years, he has been a leader on several project types, including higher education and workplace design. Gary is a skilled communicator, having worked with numerous consultants on large and small scale projects, excelling in coordinating construction documents and overseeing construction administration. As the Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Holland Basham, he ensures that every project that we complete exceeds the highest standard. Gary works closely with everyone in the office to ensure that every design completed will withstand time, improve the building's life-cycle, and enhance the client's experience.
Nate Hitt, Associate AIA

Nate Hitt, Associate AIA


Nate joined Holland Basham Architects in 2017 with a passion for developing a design, taking a client's vision, and transforming it to be a part of the built environment. He has a hands-on approach to collaboration and experience with planning, renovations, new additions, facility inventories, and facility analyses. Nate is patient, driven, and a skilled communicator, always listening to capture details crucial to successful project outcomes. His design skills and professional interests suit complex, large-scale, and phased construction projects, making Nate an ideal team member.
Phung Hong, Associate AIA

Phung Hong, Associate AIA

Phung first realized she wanted to be an architect and interior designer when she was in high school in Vietnam. She loved arranging spaces and exploring different colors and design styles. She was able to realize her dream when she moved to America with her family. At Holland Basham Architects, Phung is rewarded by the smiles and satisfaction on client’s faces after all of her team’s hard work is realized. Outside of work, she helps out at the Asian Community Center in Lincoln, distributing food to low-income families and seniors.
Abby Incontro

Abby Incontro, Associate AIA

Abby is dedicated to her role and focused on seeing each project through. She believes seeing a project fully realized after years of design and construction is a privilege unlike any other. Abby loves the variety of projects at Holland Basham Architects and the opportunity to work on different project types and phases. Outside of work, she played roller derby for four years and continues to trail skate whenever she gets the chance.
Megan Jarosz, AIA

Megan Jarosz, AIA

Associate Partner

Megan is an Associate Partner at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 2009. She has expertise in various sectors with an emphasis on K-12, higher education, and community-focused projects. Megan excels in leading the overall development and coordination of complex projects, and her leadership, communication, planning, time, risk, cost, and quality management skills have proven successful time after time. Megan is passionate about the education, support, and empowerment of women and girls in the community and is devoted to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Beyond the project, Megan is committed to the success of every member of the team.
Evan Jeanblanc, Associate AIA

Evan Jeanblanc, Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Evan is an architect that is passionate about making design a reality. Beyond thoughtful and creative ideas, he wants to make an impact on the built environment through an attentive and consistent approach to welcoming each client's needs and delivering a functional design. Evan is skilled at using visual communication to further push a project beyond the conceptual phase by allowing clients to virtually experience and understand the design, improving the overall outcome. His adventurous and creative spirit make Evan a skilled problem-solver who can appreciate ideas outside of his perspective.
Brad Jungmann

Brad Jungman, Associate AIA, LEED AP

Director of Health

As Director of Health, with over 15 years of specialized experience, Brad leads our team as your professional resource for healthcare design. His depth of healthcare design, planning, and project management skills complement his first-hand understanding of healthcare facility development to improve the delivery of acute, primary, and specialty-care clinic construction projects. With experience as a leader for the Planning, Design, and Construction team of a nationally recognized non-profit hospital system, Brad knows that our healthcare clients have fiscal and organizational responsibility to meet institutional expectations. He excels at finding creative approaches to align both aspects to produce desired outcomes for operational efficiencies, patient care, and patient satisfaction.
Jeremy Kubitz, Associate AIA

Jeremy Kubitz, Associate AIA

Jeremy joined Holland Basham Architects in June 2018 with a passion for architecture, providing design services that make a positive and significant impact on many people. Jeremy is perceptive, viewing each project for the potential changes a building can have on a grander scale for neighborhoods and cities. His analytical approach starts with listening to clients to discover their unique needs and requirements, resulting in a rewarding outcome where the design is adaptive to human interaction. Jeremy is skilled at creating high-quality visualizations in various media types to efficiently work through the design process, keeping the design schedule on track. His passion for architecture extends to supporting local community business and participating in various events as an individual and a representative of HBA.
Ben Kunz, Associate AIA

Ben Kunz, Associate AIA

Ben is passionate about designing buildings that contribute to dense, mixed-use cities that support public transit, pedestrian access, and social equity. He appreciates and understands that architecture affects the way people live and work. Always thinking holistically, Ben conceptualizes how the building shapes the city around it. In addition to his contributions to Holland Basham Architects, Ben uses his talent and progressive approach in his freelance development company to see multiple facets of building design and real estate development come together to make a meaningful impact on the community.
Steve Kuzella

Steve Kuzelka, AIA, LEED AP


Steve is a Partner at Holland Basham Architects and has been with the firm since 1992. His leadership responsibilities include project management at all levels from schematic design through contract administration, including project design, construction documentation, and overall project coordination. Steve excels at problem-solving and managing complex projects with experience in collaborating with multiple team members on large-scale and high-profile projects. He is also an expert in code requirements and quality control, sharing best-practices with the team to deliver outstanding projects to every client.
Allie Laurenzo

Allie Laurenzo, Associate IIDA

Senior Associate

Allie Laurenzo's intelligent and collaborative approach to interior design creates a balanced and unified experience for Holland Basham clients. Being involved early in the design process, she brings valuable perspective and input to space planning, resulting in the creation of meaningful environments. With experience in a variety of sectors, including education, workplace, healthcare, and multi-family housing, she coordinates a complete package inclusive of all furniture, finishes, and details. Allie works closely with the client using a keen understanding of the psychology of interior design to develop spaces that represent the values, mission, and brand of all of our clients. From lighting to color and finishes, she will create a place that is truly unique to the client and its users. She is an ideal representation of strength and leadership for interior design within our profession and community.
Colee Maass, Associate AIA

Colee Maass, Associate AIA


Colee is an architect and designer driven by purpose with a passion for helping people. She loves seeing ideas become a reality through a collaborative process, resulting in a design that improves the experiences for our healthcare clients. Colee is thoughtful towards details, understanding that small decisions can make a significant impact on the daily lives of doctors, nurses, and patients, making her an asset to the team at Holland Basham Architects. Her skills include design, project management, and construction administration. Colee's primary project sectors are healthcare, tenant improvement, and workplace renovations.
Brian Marousek

Brian Marousek

As an intern, Brian is grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves every day, as well as the chance to ask questions and gain expertise from the architects at Holland Basham Architects. When he’s not hard at work with us, he enjoys working out, being outdoors, and spending time with his family and friends.
Kristen May

Kristin May

Administrative Assistant

Kristin is an Administrative Assistant passionate about getting to know our clients to build solid working relationships and long-lasting friendships. She’s inspired by highly creative people and the opportunity to learn from them and loves seeing plans go from a concept to reality. Kristin is an entrepreneur through and through, holding a partnership at a local breakfast spot and founding a mobile wine business that operates out of an airstream trailer.
Reenie McCormick

Reenie McCormick, NCIDQ, IIDA, Associate AIA

Reenie is a workplace strategist and expert in corporate office design, bringing a worldly view to every project. With a background in both interior design and architecture, she is well-rounded to take on any project from start to finish. Reenie is a skilled research analyst and technical writer, making her an asset to our clients by allowing every design to respond to the evolving trends surrounding workplace strategy. She begins each project with a strategic approach and solves problems through a proven process. Driven by aesthetics and function, Reenie aims to create spaces that are flexible and agile for every client throughout the life of a building.
Brittany Miller, AIA

Brittany Miller, AIA


Brittany is an architectural designer and Associate with the firm. She has experience in all phases of design, including project management, programming, master planning, space planning, and schematic design. At Holland Basham Architects, Brittany shares her leadership and knowledge in various project sectors. She believes that good architecture has not only the power but the responsibility to impact the community and people who experience it. Being able to create unique, efficient, and sustainable designs is her passion.
Kyler Miller

Kyle Miller, AIA, EDAC


Kyle is a leader in healthcare facility design and planning. As a certified Evidence-Based Accredited Professional at Holland Basham Architects, he is knowledgeable of various methods for developing long-term design solutions rooted in research to reach every client's goals. Working closely with his clients, Kyle supports the ideas, visions, and organizational needs to provide an efficient and forward-thinking design. His passion for evidence-based design demonstrates Kyle's finely tuned ability to capture the specific needs and details required of each healthcare space to improve the workflow for the staff resulting in better care for the patients.
Hasib Momand

Hasib Momand, Associate AIA

Hasib's diverse professional background in institutional and commercial projects of various sizes provides him with a well-tuned perspective on the unique needs of every client. With experience in all phases of design and construction, he prioritizes each client's goals to drive concepts towards the execution of built projects. Hasib values experimentation during the design phase to explore all possible opportunities, ensuring the best outcome for the project and the client. He believes that in the practice of architecture, the early design phase is critical, as this is when a clear concept will emerge from multiple perspectives to guide the rest of the project towards success.
Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy, NCARB, AIA

Ryan knew he wanted to be an architect from a very early age, getting his start by visiting construction sites with his dad and building detailed homes out of Legos. Now, as an architect at Holland Basham, he is inspired by the impact we are able to have on people’s lives and all the experiences that happen within the spaces our firm creates. He’s also inspired by our approachable and welcoming team. Outside of work, Ryan loves travelling, eating out and going to movies.
Matt Neaderhiser, AIA

Matt Neaderhiser, AIA

Senior Associate, Director of Innovation

Matt is an architect with a positive outlook and passion for using data to improve the quality of design outcomes. He leads several of Holland Basham Architect's international workplace design projects with exemplary skills in virtual collaboration. Matt also directs the overall innovation for the firm, ensuring that the team is operating at maximum efficiency with state-of-the-art technology. Matt and his innovation team are continually researching, testing, and implementing the latest innovations to go beyond client expectations and provide unique experiences to all clients that we serve.
Davielle Phillips

Davielle Phillips, Associate AIA, MBA

Davielle is an architectural designer, MBA, and dedicated leader in the community, currently serving on the Executive Board of the Urban League of Nebraska Young Professionals as Co-Chair of the Community Service Committee Omaha. He has experience working in all phases of design, reaching various sectors, including community-based projects, workplace, retail, and educational facilities. Davielle is passionate about giving back. Beyond volunteering as a mentor, he also puts his values to work by designing environments that include walkable, green, and sustainable communities. Davielle's goal is to use architecture and business to create better places to live and work for communities underserved.
Ally Pilmaier, Associate IIDA

Ally Pilmaier, Associate IIDA

Ally Pilmaier is an exceptionally talented interior designer who enjoys having the opportunity to improve the way people utilize their space. Ally uses her forward-thinking creativity to challenge clients to achieve designs that exceed their expectations. Her passion for design is evident through her impressive knowledge and enthusiasm towards every client and every project. Her expertise includes space planning, design, and finish selection/specification. Ally's attention to detail comes through with a careful selection of finish materials, ensuring spaces will be not only beautiful but also durable and sustainable to improve maintenance and life-cycle costs. Her sector experience includes higher-education, workplace, healthcare, retail and hospitality, and recreational facilities.
Patrick Pineda

Patrick Pineda

Patrick, a dedicated Holland Basham Architects intern, gets his design inspiration from the feeling and tone each space or building seeks to convey. His favorite part of Holland Basham is the community we have fostered and the people who work here. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys hiking, exercising, and snowboarding.
JD Praeger

JD Praeger, AIA, LEED AP

JD brings over 20 years of experience in architecture, construction, project management, and land development in the greater Denver area. As a registered architect with experience managing commercial design projects and large-scale developments, JD's competitive spirit drives creativity in practical problem-solving. He has a passion for fostering relationships and communicating effectively with stakeholders and colleagues through listening and positive communication. His expertise includes client relationships, entitlement strategies and approvals, project management and consultant coordination, construction administration, sustainable design strategies, building codes, and asset management. JD's experience at national design firms and his solid understanding of building construction demonstrate his dedication to contributing to the future of Denver and its surrounding communities.
Carolina Preciado, Associate AIA

Carolina Preciado, Associate AIA

Carolina, a graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, represents a shining example for the future of the architecture profession. She brings an enhanced level of creative thinking, design solutions, and collaborative working values to the team. Gaining experience in various project types, Carolina has experience in community-based projects, education, multi-family housing, and urban development. Her passion for technology and research drives her dedication to architecture.
Rick Reznicek

Rick Reznicek, AIA


Rick is a skilled architect and project manager with experience coordinating large-scale projects and developments. To maximize efficiency, he leverages technology through Building Information Modeling (BIM) to ensure coordination in construction documentation and improve communication throughout construction administration. A positive outlook, depth of experience, and vast knowledge make Rick an ideal representative of HBA on-site, working with other team members and contractors. His excellent understanding of architecture and construction lead to optimally and efficiently planned projects. Rick ensures the delivery of a successful project outcome for every client.
Kristina Schneider

Kristina Schneider, Associate AIA, Fitwel Ambassador

Kristina is dedicated to designing environments that support a balanced lifestyle. Certified in Fitwel, a wellness-focused design certification, she has a user-centric design approach with an emphasis on wellness, balanced with her integration of digital design representation methods. She loves being able to contribute to all stages of the design process and is currently working on a variety of professional goals, including becoming a certified commercial drone pilot. Outside of work, Kristina can be found gardening, playing tennis, reading, and learning Spanish.
Susan Seidel

Susan Seidel, AIA, LEED AP


Susan is a Partner at Holland Basham Architects and has more than 30 years of architectural experience. Specializing in the master planning, design, material, and code specifications of healthcare facilities, she has helped improve the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff in hundreds of specialty clinics and hospitals. Susan's expertise varies from programming to project management and assisting clients with decision-making by offering strategic problem-solving. Dedicated to staying at the forefront of evolving trends in technology and healthcare design, she improves the level of care patients receive. Whether Susan assists in developing design standards or planning for future growth, she is a genuinely dedicated partner.
Karla Snead

Karla Snead

Human Resources

As a vital member of our Human Resources team, Karla is dedicated to the people of Holland Basham Architects – and the people happen to be her favorite part of working here. Within the community, Karla is a literacy tutor focused on the importance of encouraging literacy at an early age. She enjoys staying active by playing golf, learning to play the flute, and working on her classical guitar skills.
Corey Thiele, Associate AIA

Corey Thiele, Associate AIA

Corey is a dedicated professional at Holland Basham Architects. With experience in education, workplace, and retail and hospitality design, he is a valuable resource to the firm. By applying his research-based approach and depth of technical knowledge of these project sectors, he provides insight into the long-term design and functionality of spaces. His goal on each project is to assist the entire team in the creation of spaces that allows for innovation and collaboration. Corey's participation in the young professional's group for the Greater Omaha Chamber shows his dedication to the community and the future of the architecture profession.
Erin Toy

Erin Toy, Associate IIDA, Allied ASID, WELL AP

Erin's approach to design begins with understanding the client and the intended users of the space. Her organized, detail-oriented, and honest approach results in creating interiors that align with the client's overall vision. With a strong knowledge of the WELL Building Standard, Erin follows her passion, ensuring each project positively impacts the well-being of the users while responding to functional needs. She believes that beautiful and practical design solutions can improve the community by taking care of the people that live and work in the spaces she creates.
Melissa Vanderpool

Melissa Vanderpool, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED AP

Melissa has been with Holland Basham Architects since 2007. She is a talented NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer who thrives on transforming client's spaces. Dedicated and reliable from start to finish, she enjoys seeing the evolution of a project as it progresses from the initial concept to the completion of construction. While staying knowledgeable at the forefront of current trends, Melissa believes in working closely with clients to create timeless and creative designs that will remain relevant and functional. Her key skills include attention to detail, critical for accurate construction drawings and specifications, and knowledge of interior building codes for healthcare users' comfort and safety.
Sue Vaughn

Sue Vaughan


Sue is a member of the accounting team. Tim and Keith hired her as the first employee of the firm. Sue lent her organizational skills and expertise to develop the firm’s accounting and filing systems that we still use today.
Kate Vavak

Kate Vavak

Director of Marketing

Kate is the Director of Marketing at Holland Basham Architects. With over 13 years of experience working as a commercial interior designer, she brings a unique perspective and strong industry knowledge to our company’s marketing and business development. She excels at big-picture thinking and enjoys developing processes and organization. Kate truly appreciates working with the team and is passionate about driving success for the firm.
David Warner

David Warner, AIA

Senior Associate

David, a Senior Associate at Holland Basham Architects, uses his years of experience and depth of knowledge in architecture and construction to lead project teams for the firm. He excels in communication and coordination and embraces technology by utilizing the latest virtual model techniques to bring the client's vision to life. His primary project sectors are pharmaceutical and biotech, workplace, warehouse facilities, and multi-family housing. With experience in project management, construction documentation, and architectural design, David brings diverse skills to the team.

Community Involvement

One of the founding values of our firm is our ongoing commitment to improving the communities where we live, work and serve – through innovative architecture and design and partnerships with community organizations. We also strongly belive in giving back to our communities through volunteerism, facilitating volunteer opportunities for our teams and encouraging constructive conversation around the good we can do.

Holland Basham team members currently volunteer with the following local organizations:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Heartland Family Service
  • Foodbank for the Heartland
  • Project Harmony
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands
  • Kids Can Community Center

Working at Holland Basham

Since our firm was founded, we’ve made it our priority to build a people-centric culture. Our team is talented, smart, and driven, while also being friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. We want to know and understand you as a professional and as a person. Together, we work hard for our clients – never settling, and always striving for exceptional outcomes. We embrace every challenge and opportunity with a positive outlook and an optimistic approach, collectively focused on bettering our community, our firm, and ourselves.

When you choose a career at Holland Basham, you can expect:

  • Continuous opportunities for professional development
  • A highly collaborative environment
  • The tools and technology you need to produce your best work
  • Advanced innovation and design technology
  • Opportunities to work on a variety of exciting, highly impactful projects

Contact us to learn more about working at Holland Basham. You can also view our current openings below.

Current Openings

Healthcare Project Architect

Candidates should be able to understand all the different diagnostic modalities, knowledge of medical planning, and modern healthcare delivery.

Project Architect

We are seeking a highly-motivated, energetic, talented production architect with experience in architectural design, contract documents, and specifications relating to a wide variety of project types and sizes.

Project Architect - Denver

This is an exciting growth opportunity with our Denver office for architects with 3-7 years of experience coordinating the work of both architectural and engineering teams through SD, DD, CD, and the construction phase of a project.

Intern being Mentored

Intern Development Program

At Holland Basham, we make it a priority to support and foster the future of architecture and design professionals through our Intern Development Program. Holland Basham interns are vital to the culture and function of our firm, and over the decades, we’ve been proud to help launch the careers of some of the industry’s best and brightest stars.

Architecture students and recent graduates who choose our internship program can expect:

  • A well-rounded experience with lunch and learns and weekly check-ins
  • Facetime and one-on-one connections with mentors
  • Real world experience with job site visits
  • The opportunity to build relationships and develop a network of peers
  • Experience working side-by-side with our architects on Holland Basham projects
  • A welcoming atmosphere where you’ll be a valued part of our team, culture, and activities

Contact us to discuss upcoming internship opportunities.