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CHI Immanuel Neurological Institute: Rapid Prototyping

By November 22, 2017June 15th, 2021No Comments

Healthcare: Life-Size Mock-ups

Because the healthcare industry is constantly evolving with new technology, our team must evolve with these changes as well. Rapid Prototyping integrates the users into the design and allows them to interact in a full-scale mock-up which helps the final product better accommodate its use, the people who use it, and future flexibility.

The HBA Healthcare team collaborated with CHI project leaders to understand the environment and patient-staff interactions in the new clinic. By doing the mock-up, it allowed the users to respond to design decisions and provide valuable input quickly. The biggest advantage of this it that it helps our client fully experience the size and function of a specific room as it is being designed. The full-size models allowed our team to work efficiently while enabling testing of the design.  As part of this process, an exam room, procedure room, EEG, EMG and nurses station were built. After the mock-ups were complete, CHI project leaders placed post-it notes on the spaces where electrical and medical gases needed to be installed. Ultimately, the experience is very positive and allows the client to be a part of the design process, making the space uniquely their own.

Nurse Station Prototype