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An Innovative and Optimistic Outlook

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Leadership Team

An Innovative and Optimistic Outlook

Our new website and refreshed brand mark a renewed and exciting chapter in the firm’s story. We proudly carry on our firm name as Holland Basham Architects. Our name not only represents our history, but it also encompasses what we do.

Our History

In 1989, Tim Holland and Keith Basham formed Holland Basham Architects to serve the Omaha community with outstanding architectural designs. In 1996, they purchased the Beth El Synagogue, located in the heart of midtown, giving the firm a notable presence in the community. Over the last 32 years, the firm has evolved from a two-person office into a successful team of over 50 talented architects and interior designers with locations in both Omaha and Denver.

Old Beth El Drawing

A few of Tim and Keith’s milestone accomplishments:

  • The corporate campus for Level 3 Communications, now Lumen Technologies, in Broomfield, CO, marks a significant point in the growth of project scale and complexity and started the groundwork for our Denver office.
  • During the middle of an economic downturn, the firm designed and constructed our first prominent community project, Midtown Crossing, which put Holland Basham Architects on a regional stage and prepared our team for future endeavors of similar complexity.
  • By developing a 30+ year relationship with John Deere, we earned the opportunity to design multiple projects for the company within the U.S. and overseas.
Tim Holland
J. Keith Basham, AIA

Early on, Tim and Keith’s forward-thinking approach inspired them to establish a succession plan that allows for a smooth transition in leadership, encouraging the firm to grow and flex into ever more complex project types. Our clients and relationships remain crucial to the foundation of our firm and culture. Tim and Keith mentored future leaders to guide them towards success while continuously serving our clients.

Our Future

Our history is important to us. We respect it as we move forward into the future, fully embracing the opportunity to transition the firm in a sustainable and relevant direction. We are proud to introduce a new leadership team that will propel the firm into the future with an innovative and optimistic outlook. We congratulate Principals Curt Witzenburg, Kurt Cisar, and Tom Zuk for their dedication to the firm, accomplishments in their profession, and contributions to the community.

“We aim to reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit at our firm’s foundation to inspire our team, provide growth opportunities, and cultivate future leaders. We will accomplish some truly amazing things by nurturing diversity in our team, embracing project complexity, and respecting client relationships. Our established client-focused approach, superior technical capabilities, and innovative solutions will drive the talent of our team, elevating Holland Basham Architects as a leading design firm.”

The future is bright: Meet our leadership team

Q&A with Curt, Kurt, and Tom  

Curt Witzenburg
Kurt Cisar
Tom Zuk, AIA

Question: When did you know you wanted to be an architect? 

Answer (Curt): Growing up in a small town in Southeast Nebraska, I was always drawing and sketching on anything I could find, including the underside of the dining room table (sorry, Mom). With growing creative energy, I took every art and woodshop class in junior high and high school. In drafting class, my instructor, Mr. Peterson, asked if I had ever thought of being an architect, to which I replied, “What does an architect do?” My dad started calling a few of the larger architectural firms in Omaha, arranging for get-togethers where I could meet architects from various practice areas. These meetings allowed me to begin to understand what an architect does beyond what I saw on the Brady Bunch. Hooked after those initial meetings, I couldn’t believe that I could get paid to design buildings and someone would build them.

Answer (Kurt): My interest in the profession began during high school, where I took several drafting classes and was one of the first students in the ACE program, a specialized course developed to promote careers in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. This class sparked my curiosity in design and construction with exposure to visiting construction sites and working on class projects with local architects as guest instructors. With emerging technology at my fingertips, my drafting classes led me to understand how technology integrates with architecture. I enjoyed exploring 3D software and quickly developed a passion for 3D design. I am delighted that the ACE program is still going strong today and that Holland Basham Architects participates in supporting future generations of architects and designers.

Answer (Tom): Growing up, my brother and I used to climb over boxes of tile my dad had in his warehouse as a tile contractor. We would stack boxes to create forts and hiding places. Sometimes we rode with him to job sites on Saturday mornings, and my natural curiosity was intrigued by the construction process. After seeing several different construction sites, I designed a circular house when I was in 5th grade, which started my interest in architecture. Gradually, I gained skills with drawing, building, photography, and painting, taking the opportunity to teach myself and learn as much as possible. The architectural technology program at SUNY Delhi commenced my post-secondary school education. The architecture program at Syracuse University refined my skills, and I remain a proud alum of both schools.


Question: Is there something people are surprised to find out about you?

Answer (Curt): I was a member of the Nebraska Air National Guard for 10 years, serving in the 173rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron and 155th Air Refueling Wing.

Answer (Kurt): I spent many of my young driving years working on cars, rebuilding engines, and doing bodywork. I enjoyed the complexity of many working parts coming together and diagnosing and fixing issues that were a part of a larger system.

Answer (Tom): I have owned three different Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is amusing when someone says, “No offense, but you do not look like a Harley rider.”  I am also a “car guy” and love to go to auto shows on the weekends and continue to learn about Camaro LS, LT, and Coyote engine swaps. I own a 1965 RestoMod Impala and love to share stories with other enthusiasts.


Question: What are you passionate about, or what inspires you?

Answer (Curt): I get super stoked about creating a vision for what I would like to happen and then working to pull together what appear to be random pieces to make the idea come to life.

Answer (Kurt): I am passionate about learning. As a life-long learner, I find myself easily inspired by reading or conversations with others. My interests range from future technologies to business strategy or even space. I often share what I learn and enjoy inspiring others.

Answer (Tom): I thrive on connecting the dots! I enjoy meeting people, creating friendships, and understanding what drives them. Knowing their needs and wants, I can “connect the dots” to aid in the collaboration process, ultimately producing new relationships and exciting projects for the firm.


Question: What do you enjoy about your community involvement?

Answer (Curt): I am always grateful to give back, as my family benefited from generosity, giving, and openness from the community. We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work within Omaha. I strive to be able to do the same for others.

Answer (Kurt): A lot of people have helped me become who I am today, following the adage, “It takes a village.” By being active in the community around us, I sincerely believe that we can help others on their journey to success.

Answer (Tom): From my first day at the office, I observed Tim and Keith giving back to the community through boards, committees, and community involvement. They instilled their passion for giving back and encouraged me to find an organization to support. Through giving my time for the betterment of the community, I realized how my time could positively impact an individual’s life. By providing genuine knowledge and passion, I have seen how doing a good thing can help improve someone’s life.