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Welcome Holland Basham Architects Summer Interns

By June 7, 2022No Comments

Welcome Interns

At Holland Basham Architects, we are always excited to introduce our new group of interns! In addition to being incredibly talented, our interns bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and experience with the latest technology. Our intern program offers real client experience, freedom to bring creative ideas, and a mentoring component to create a successful overall experience.

Meet our Summer 2022 Interns:

Matt Peikert

Within the industry, Matt is excited to be involved with projects that real people interact with. He is passionate about being able to use the field of design as a medium to reach people and provide a space people need. Through his internship at Holland Basham Architects, Matt hopes to sharpen his modeling skills and learn about how client relationships unfold.

Kate Brashear

Kate brings her passion for sustainable design and the utilization of sustainable methods to the Holland Basham team. As an intern, Kate hopes to improve her software skills and gain more experience working in an office setting. Kate believes that “good design” enhances the life of the user, and the enhancement should be available to everyone. She is motivated to use design to improve the lives of others and to find success in a career that is typically male-dominated.

Brian Marousek

Brian is passionate about creating something that impacts a community. His leadership skills and ambition help him succeed in overcoming challenges within the profession. Within the industry, Brian enjoys meeting with people and helping them turn their dreams into a reality. Through his internship, Brian is excited to learn about the workflow of projects, technology, and software advancements in the industry.

Samantha Zeek

Samantha is motivated to create spaces that make people feel safe and comfortable. Through her internship, Samantha is a leader in taking action with projects and reaching out to clients. She is most excited to make new connections within the community and learn more about the construction process.

Jake Weilenberg

Jake is a lifelong learner and is inspired by creating spaces that fuel education and learning. His ability to take charge in situations allows him to handle multiple tasks and be a leader on the team. While an intern at Holland Basham Architects, Jake hopes to learn as much as possible within the industry, including improving his technical and public speaking skills.