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Cabela’s Outpost Retail Stores

Union Gap, WA and Various U.S. Locations

The outdoor rugged theme and design of the Outpost Retail Stores coincides with the hometown feel of the local retail outlet that started in Sydney, NE. The Cabela’s outpost stores are designed for efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. At around 40,000 s.f. Cabela’s opens its market to more people bringing the same high-quality products in a smaller-designed space. The flexibility of design allows for seasonal merchandise to be moved in-and-out easily. Other locations of the Outpost Stores include Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, Kansas, and Michigan.

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  • 40,000 s.f.
  • Designed for flexibility, efficiency and convenience
  • Opened in markets with fewer than 250,000 residents
  • Flexible floor plan to accommodate seasonal demands
  • Various visual displays throughout the store
  • Features the same outdoor look and theme as the larger retail stores

Services Provided

  • Architectural
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration